LATEST NEWS - 1st Mar 2016

What's new for 2016

We have just introduced the new 40 Series and the all new whestTWO.2.   The 40 Series consists of the all discrete PS.40RDT Special Edition 48v and hybrid PS.40RDT both running in Class-A. 

The new whestTWO.2 is a scaled down whestTHREE Signature and as you can see by the preliminary web images that this model has a second set of outputs which are balanced.

All three models are available NOW ...want to know more?


The Testimonial pages are making for very popular reading.  They give an insight into individual experiences with our phono stages.  A lot of these comments were left from users changing over to Whest Audio from another manufacturer and some - their first venture into vinyl.  Whatever the reasons,  you can read some of the experiences and comments we have received over the past few months.  It is quite easy to see why many now think that the other manufacturers are just 'playing'.  What we create here are products that not only resolve large amounts of information but also enable you the listener to enjoy their vinyl collection just how it was meant to be.  What we do is design great products that are superbly engineered and highly emotive.

News for 22nd April  - TITAN and TITAN Pro

Apart from marking our 400th PS.30RDT Special Edition leaving the Whest Audio premises, we are also celebrating the 100th TITAN phono stage being shipped.  The TITAN is currently the ULTIMATE one-box solution for anyone wanting high-resolution vinyl playback.  As one MC REF V MK4 customer said about his TITAN - 'it's a mini version of my MC REF not a big Special Edition', and this was exactly the design brief.  For users with limited space and needing 'ultra pure high-res audio', the TITAN offers remarkable resolution, musicality and dynamic contrasts that up until now were unheard of in a single box design.  100 units sold from recommendation, without a magazine review or major online presence - now that says a lot about Whest Audio, the new TITAN and the confidence our customers have in recommending our products to their friends and associates. 

If you would like any further information on the unit please just drop us an email on OR call us on +44 20 3176 0376

The best phono stage range in the world

Are you looking for a nearly new example of a Whest Audio phono stage?  Then look no further.  Our B-graded units come with a full warranty from 2 to 5 years.  These products are generally traded-in units due to the original owner wanting to upgrade. If you don't see a phono stage in your budget range just call us as we can always find a way of you getting exactly what you are looking for.

Transferring to digital?

Do remember that the quality of your transfer is directly related to the quality of your turntable/ arm/ cartridge and phono stage setup. Rubbish in - Rubbish out really does apply here.

The whole range of Whest Audio phono stages are used by archiving libraries throughout the world because of their superb audio performance and ultra low noise levels which is essential when converting to digital.

If your phonostage exhibits just a small amount of noise in or outside of the audio band then THIS will also be digitised along with your audio signal.

All Whest Audio phono stages have a background noise level similar to CD so there is no chance of hiss or hum while listening or transferring to digital.

check out our comprehensive phono stage/ phono pre-amp range

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